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Her Temporary Hero by Jennifer Apodaca

Her Temporary Hero

by Jennifer Apodaca

Former beauty queen Becky Holmes and her baby are on the run from her dangerous ex. With her dreams of love and marriage destroyed, she’ll do anything to protect her child…even agree to hide out in her boss’s cousin’s house while he’s away.

Wealthy, sexy, and emotionally haunted Logan Knight needs a temporary wife to get his land, per his dad’s rules. No wife, no inheritance. But when that wife lands on his doorstep and comes with a baby, his darkest memories are triggered. He tries to keep his distance, but his efforts are shattered when he starts to have real feelings for his fake wife and child.

Just as Logan begins to think he may have a future with Becky, his attempt to have it all backfires into a betrayal that forces Becky into a heart-wrenching choice no woman should ever have to make. 

Kathie's Review:

I enjoyed this one. The trope of the good girl with a baby who both need protection is one that I like. Becky's ex-boyfriend is such a jerk, and scary, too. He's the kind of character that you really want to see HURT. Thankfully, Logan seems like the right guy to do it. What with his military and body guard background. That is, once he gets over the shock of finding Becky, the baby, and their silly little dog, Jiggy, in his home. 

She needs a safe place to be and he needs a wife so he can get the land that he loves. Her boss, and his cousin, thinks they might be good for each other. They certainly have some HEAT between them. 

There are lots of secondary characters that add a nice depth to this one. I did have a quibble with the fact that three month old baby seemed more like a five month old, but that's a small thing. Kind of odd, actually as the next book I read had the same issue! Three month old's don't notice the world nearly as much as this one did. But still, this was fun. There's a scene where Becky puts on her "beauty queen" persona, much like someone putting on a mask, and it blows Logan's socks off. Yes, that was fun!

I will definitely be watching for more from Ms. Apodaca!

Thank you, Entangled and Jennifer Apodaca, for the opportunity to read Her Temporary Hero.

Jennifer Apodaca is an award-winning author and an unrepentant coffee-and-book addict. She’s written mysteries, romances, paranormals and grocery lists under the names of Jennifer Lyon and Jennifer Apodaca. She loves creating powerfully sexy alpha heroes and the heroines who tame them. 

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