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How to Lose a Lord in 10 Days or Less Elizabeth Michels


How to Lose a Lord in 10 Days or Less

by Elizabeth Michels
July 1, 2014

“I want to know you, to understand anything at all about you, because you are the most maddening lady I have ever encountered.”

He’s the perfect gentleman…
After years hidden away from the mockery of the Ton, proud Andrew Clifton, Lord Amberstall, is finally ready to face Society again. But when his horse is injured on the road to London, Andrew finds himself literally thrown at the feet of the beautiful, infuriating, and undeniably eccentric Katie Moore.

…she’s anything but a lady.
Katie always preferred the stables to society, so when she was badly injured in a riding accident, she was more than happy to retreat to the countryside and give up the marriage mart for good. She never expected an infuriatingly proper lord to come tumbling into her life—and she certainly never expected to find herself wondering what it would be like to rejoin the world at his side. They couldn’t be more different, and soon Andrew and Katie find themselves at odds about everything but the growing passion between them…and a keen awareness of a threat that may end their unconventional romance before it has even begun.

This was my first Elizabeth Michels book. It won't be my last. While it is the third book in a series, Tricks of the Ton, one is easily caught up in the action. Each of the couples from the previous two books make an appearance. Must say, it seems like this author's characters are a bit out there, just a touch wild, and they look like good fun. 

In this, Katie is recovering from a horrible riding accident that happened at the same time as the death of her eldest brother. She just can't be near horses any longer. It hurts her because they were such a large part of her life previous to the accident. She's pretty much filled her life with hobbies and as she attempts to create a pottery bowl, a huge horse flies over the hedgerow at her back and nearly takes her head off. Oh, and the lord riding said horse? He lands backside first on top of her pottery wheel. Andrew and Katie are not off to a good start.

There's lots of verbal sparring as they both try to come to terms with their growing attraction. Katie is always onto the next thing, teaching herself the bagpipes, for instance. While Andrew is a "fixer" and tries to find ways to fix the estate he's stuck at, and Katie, too.

Two ruffians are out to get Andrew, or Andy as she calls him. We find out why through the course of the book. The bad guy is NUTS. Which is always fun to read.

I really enjoyed the journey of these two to find each other. I took a bookmark away for some odd plot devices and missing bits of information. Like, where is her mother? Something fishy there...and it may have been mentioned in a previous book or maybe in the next in the series. And his mother, that whole scenario was odd. Didn't take away the fun, though. I will definitely be looking for more from Ms. Michels and I hope you do, too.

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