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The Best Man's Baby (Red River #2) by Victoria James

The Best Man's Baby
(Red River #2)
by Victoria James 

Published August 12th 2013
Entangled: Indulgence

Florist Claire Holbrook has always played by the rules her entire life, but breaks them to spend one night with sexy lone wolf Jake Manning, a man she's adored since she was a teenager. Six weeks later things get complicated when she discovers they created a bond that will last a lifetime...

Jake has never played by the rules. Getting Minister Holbrook's daughter pregnant wasn't part of any life plan, but he won't run from his responsibilities. He'll step up and be the best man he can, even if he doesn't have a clue where to begin. The more time he spends with Claire, though, the more he wants her, and the harder it is to get close because that would mean sharing the one thing he hasn't with anyone—the truth and his heart. 

Kathie's Review:

This one is only 135 pages, but it sure is packed with STORY. I do love that unexpected baby trope. 

Claire has always been a good girl. Except for that one time, the one time she goes for what, and WHO, she's wanted for ages. Jake...the town bad boy who just pulls her in.

I have to say that I was really annoyed with Jake the morning after. He runs away. Of course, when he comes back Claire has just discovered she's got a bun in the oven and she lets him know in a very spectacular, and public, way. That was a great laugh right there.

I enjoyed the way these two peeled back the layers to find the real person inside. They both had ideas of just who the other was, but they weren't even close to correct. 

There were lots of great supporting characters who have either had, or will have, their own books. There's an empowering scene with Claire's mom that made me want to stand up and cheer! This book does stand alone, but you'll want to read the rest of the Red River Series, for sure.

* I own a copy of this book

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