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The Texan's Surprise Son by Cathy McDavid

The Texan's Surprise Son
By Cathy McDavid

Harlequin American Romance
Pub Date   Oct 7 2014

Taken By Surprise

Jacob Baron is shocked to discover he's a father. But he's determined to do right by his son, despite the lack of strong role models in his own life. Jacob's a bull rider, and there's no halfway with him. He'll be the kind of dad his son needs…even if Cody's attractive aunt, Mariana Snow, seems to question his daddy skills at every turn.

Jacob cooks, cleans and has a nice touch with a two-year-old. He also has broad shoulders, gorgeous eyes and a mouth that can only be described as sexy. But Mariana's own part-time, no-good father was a rodeo star. She knows their charms can't be trusted. She's hanging around for Cody's sake, that's all. At least, that's what she keeps telling herself…

Kathie's Review:

This is book Five in the Texas Rodeo Baron's Series. It can be read alone, but characters from the rest of the series make appearances. This series was written by six separate authors. That was fun. Isn't that cover great? What a little cutie.

At the beginning, Jacob is on a bull, waiting for the chute to open. He sends a prayer heavenward. I liked that. His faith isn't the first thing you see, but it is a part of him. No beating us over the head with  it, it's just a part of him. Didn't stop him from being totally shocked to find he has a son from a weekend romp. And that the boy's mom has died leaving Cody to her sister, Mariana.

He is pretty clueless about how to care for the little guy, so he coerces Mariana to stay with the two of them until he gets the hang of it. Doesn't hurt that she's really pretty, either. 

While I appreciated that Mariana wanted to do the right thing by letting Jacob know about Cody, she didn't come off as being that great of a parent stand-in. It actually felt like she was just too busy to deal with her nephew, and since he had a DAD, why not let him shoulder some of the weight. Now, don't get me wrong, I totally understand how much work kids are; I've got three. But she didn't come off all that sympathetic to me. 

As this is a Harlequin, we all know that there will be a few trials and tribulations (little guy gets a broken arm!) and then we'll see everyone get their HEA. I did love Jacob and Cody's interactions. And since I liked Jacob, I was glad to see him find happiness with his ready-made family. This was an easy way to spend a few hours.

*Thank you, NetGalley and Harlequin, for the opportunity to read this book.

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