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Eyes of Jade by Tess St. John

Eyes Of Jade 

Undercover Intrigue #2

October 2011

America’s Sweetheart, Eve Knight, has decided to retire from acting at the age of twenty-nine. After more than twenty years in the public eye, a heart-breaking divorce, and rehab, she plans to start a new life. 

When FBI Agent Jake Dane arrives to question Eve about a suspicious fire, they instantly become targets of an assassin. Someone is trying to kill Eve. Jake swore off love after his engagement ended in tragedy, but as he and Eve fight to stay alive, she charms him and awakens his soul.

Realizing she’s falling for Jake, Eve worries she’s fabricated a connection because of their intense situation. The FBI convinces her to bait a trap, but will putting on the performance of her life be enough to save her?

Eyes of Jade is Book 2 in the Undercover Intrigue Series ~ FBI agents risking their lives for the job and everything for love.

Kathie's Review:
This one came up in an email from one of the Kindle Alert groups I follow. They had the first three chapters up and I read them. And was immediately hooked. Eve Knight has a whole bunch of attempts made on her life in a very short span of time. I immediately wanted to know who was after her. 

I also wanted to see how the UST between Eve and Jake came to fruition. Jake is one of the FBI agents guarding her life. He has some deep hurt in his past and overcoming those issues is next to impossible. When the depth of the hurt is revealed, I was actually quite surprised.
I enjoyed the unraveling of the mystery of who was after Eve. Although I did feel the perp kind of came out of left field. I prefer having clues where I can figure it out myself. But that might just be me. 

This also was heavy with #NaNoWriMoSyndrome. There was quite a bit of repetition in back story that I didn't think was necessary. Also, we had several scenes that I felt the author was setting up characters for other books in the series. It was pretty heavy handed, and while I like Roy Hanson very much (he's the focus of the next book) the way he and Manny were inserted really slogged down the flow of the story. 

Even with those issues, I was still pleased with the story and I'll definitely be looking at the next book in the series.

Tess St. John: I'm not your "normal" writer. I didn't aspire from a young age to become an author. But my last day of high school, my English teacher said, "There is a book in each of you. It might be a how-to, non-fiction, fiction...Whatever it is, find that book." I thought she was crazy, I didn't even like to read.

But that quickly changed when I began reading mysteries and romance!

I'm not sure if it was from my teacher's words or just my imagination, but for years a scene played in my mind--like a movie. Finally, one day, I sat and wrote it down. And the floodgates on my imagination opened. Before I knew what a critique partner was, I'd written four books (I use the word "written" very loosely, they needed a tremendous amount of work).

I never planned it, never dreamed about it, never expected to get such joy from it, but writing has become a vital part of my life.

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