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No Christmas Like the Present by Sierra Donovan

No Christmas Like the Present
by Sierra Donovan 

Lindsay Miller is knee-deep in Christmas cards and homemade fudge, but she's never felt more like a Grinch. Why can't Christmas be full of magic, like in her favorite movie, A Christmas Carol. . .?

. . . Enter Fred, a sexy and eccentric stranger who arrives at Lindsay's door out of the blue. Dressed like he just stepped out of a Dickens novel, complete with British accent, Fred claims he's a Messenger, sent from "Headquarters" to help her discover the joy of Christmas. But is Fred an angel from above—or just stone cold crazy?

Fred's used to dealing with skeptics. Telling a stranger you've been ordered to inspire holiday cheer is a tough sell. But there's a further complication. Fred's mission is to help Lindsay right the wrongs from her past that have been holding her back. But somehow along the way, they've become wildly attracted to each other—and falling in love is not part of the plan. Fred only has ‘til the stroke of midnight on Christmas Eve to guide Lindsay to the magical future she deserves—even if it's a future without him. . .

Kathie's Review:

I loved this. It's that simple. I simply loved it. I realize Christmas was last week, but you can start your 2015 Christmas reading with this one. Or it might extend your 2014 Christmas Glow if you read it now!

Lindsey likes Christmas, mostly, but she feels stressed, too. So much to do, so little time. I found myself thinking that Ms. Donovan must have been in MY HOME, taking notes, when I read some of the moments in this book. Christmas cards! They tend to STARE at me for ages and I find, just like Lindsey, that I keep putting them off. When she makes her famous fudge, she uses SIXTEEN marshmallows, not 15 and not 17. I have a cousin that uses 30 graham crackers for her cheese cake. Not 29 and certainly not 31! Yes, I laughed. I loved that Lindsey couldn't tell if she liked roasted chestnuts, even after eating an entire bag of them. I feel the same. Yes, there was a lot of ME in this book.

One evening she's watching a very old version of Scrooge, and really enjoying what Fred looks like, when there's a knock on her door. She thinks she might be nuts when FRED is on the other side. The same Fred from the very old movie. Really, she has to be dreaming, right? When he says he's been sent from Headquarters to help her enjoy Christmas, she knows she's delusional. 

There's a bit of paranormal here as we don't know exactly what, or who, Fred is.  The joy is watching them both find out about each other.

While I have marked this inspirational, it certainly doesn't beat one over the head with it. This line gave me warm fuzzies, as it's what I believe, too:

"People come and go, they get older, move, have children. There's only one constant in all of Christmas." He nodded toward the nativity scene a few feet away. "And that's reason enough to rejoice."

Yes, I loved this. The ending was sweet and suited the book very well. Now, I want a Fred for each of my two unmarried daughters!

AND...I'm going to find more from this author. Soon!

Thank you, NetGalley and Kensington, for the opportunity to read this book.

Connect with Sierra Donovan:

Website * Goodreads * Facebook * Twitter  @SierraDonovan1

Sierra Donovan is a wife, a mother of two and a writer, though not always in that order. Her job and greatest joy is helping people find true love on the printed page. She believes in classic movies, Christmas, chocolate fudge and happy endings.

Sierra is the author of NO CHRISTMAS LIKE THE PRESENT, MEG'S CONFESSION and LOVE ON THE AIR. Her next romance, DO YOU BELIEVE IN SANTA?, will be released by Kensington Publishing in October 2015.

You can email Sierra at, or visit her website at

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