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The Pineview Incident by Kayla Griffith

The Pineview Incident
by Kayla Griffith 
December 6, 2014

Donna and Mark abhor each other. They grew up as bitter enemies, and over the years they fabricated a hateful relationship as unmovable and enduring as the Bitterroot Mountains that surrounded their small town. Nothing could ever bring them together.

Well, nothing except the threat of an alien invasion and suspicious sheep.

When the sleepy Idaho town of Pineview is visited by three mysterious vans from California, the people imagine the worst. Gossip leads to rumors, and these quickly grow into panic. Mark and Donna are forced to work together to keep the town from coming apart, and if they can’t get over their past, they will lose all they hold dear. Amid the ensuing insanity, Mark and Donna find that their hate isn’t hate at all, and sometimes all first love needs is a second chance.

Kathie's Review:

"Amid the ensuring insanity..." Yep, describes this very well! I laughed, a LOT over this one. It read REAL in the reactions of the towns' people. Scary, but real...and so very funny, too!

Mike and Donna are older, but still not old. They have hated each other for years. The only reason they even had anything to do with each other was because of their love for her husband, John, who was also Mike's best friend. John's been dead for a while and the enmity has not eased. Now they just don't need to see each other because of him.

Then some vans roll through town and up to the local home school family's home. The government? The law? ALIENS? And there go the rumors. Mark and Donna appear to be the only SANE people in the town, so they are deputized to go and find out some facts. This means they have to work together. 

In so doing more funny, and some sweet, moments enliven their relationship...and love grows as past hurts are laid to rest.

This was a very enjoyable read, and the many belly laughs I felt made it more so. I look forward to more from this debut author.

A review copy was generously given me by the author in exchange for an honest review.

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