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Married to a Perfect Stranger by Jane Ashford



Married to a Perfect Stranger
by Jane Ashford

Brand new Regency romance from RT Book Reviews Lifetime Achievement Award Nominee Jane Ashford

Time and distance have changed them both…

Quiet and obliging, Mary Fleming and John Bexley marry to please their families and John immediately leaves on a two-year diplomatic mission. Now John is back, and everything they thought they knew about each other was wrong…

It’s disconcerting, irritating—and somehow all very exciting…

Kathie's Review:

This was great fun! It was sweet...and charming...even though I wanted to shake both Mary and John a time or two. 

They had been married for a very short time. Their families were grateful they were together, as none of them wanted to deal with the boredom, and what the considered to be dullness, of either of them. Their first weeks of marriage were rather dry...neither of them had a huge love for the other, and both of them were just moving along as their parents wanted them to.

When John gets the opportunity to travel abroad, he jumps at the chance. His time away changes him. He grows from a boy into a man, a man who is going to take his own future and shape it the way he wants. 

Mary, on the other hand, has been shuttled off to an aging relative. She wasn't sure what she wanted with her life, but taking over for the aunt wasn't in her cards. But if they were to keep themselves fed and warm, she needed to handle things. And, to her surprise, she was quite good at it.

Now, John is back...and he's sure he'll be able to handle the door mouse of a wife he left behind. He is shocked and appalled that she is NOT who he thought she was. She's got a backbone! And Mary, for her part, is intrigued by the man who has returned to her. When he starts issuing orders, after she's been doing the ordering for years, she takes a firm stand.

This is the story of how they come to work together, come to find love, and come to a sweet understanding.

I read the last page and found myself smiling. And thinking back on it for days afterward. This was great! I will certainly be looking for more from this author.

*Thank you, NetGalley and Sourcebook ~ Casablanca, for the opportunity to read this book.

Nancy Jane LeCompte was born in 20 August 1948 in Eaton, Ohio, USA. She discovered Georgette Heyer in junior high school and was entranced by the glittering world and witty language of Regency England. That delight was part of what led her to study English literature and travel widely in Britain and Europe. She has lived in New York, Boston and LA, her writing life punctuated by breaks where the fates intervened and swept her off in different directions. Today, she lives in Cambridge, Massachusetts.

Jane has written historical and contemporary romances as Jane Ashford and Jane LeCompte. Her books have been published in England, Spain, France, Italy, Sweden, Denmark, Russia, and Latvia, as well as the U.S. She is a two-time nominee for a Career Achievement Award by Romantic Times Magazine. Away from romance writing for several years, she recently completed a new historical.

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