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Kiss the Earl by Gina Lamm

Kiss the Earl

By Gina Lamm

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A modern girl’s guide to seducing Mr. Darcy

When Ella Briley asked her lucky-in-love friends to set her up for an office party, she was expecting a blind date. Instead, she’s pulled through a magic mirror and into the past…straight into the arms of her very own Mr. Darcy.

Patrick Meadowfair, earl of Fairhaven, is too noble for his own good. To save a female friend from what is sure to be a loveless marriage, he’s agreed to whisk her off to wed the man she truly wants. But all goes awry when Patrick mistakes Ella for the would-be bride and kidnaps her instead.

Centuries away from everything she knows, Ella’s finally found a man who heats her blood and leaves her breathless. Too bad he’s such a perfect gentleman. Yet the reluctant rake may just find this modern girl far too tempting for even the noblest of men to resist…

Kathie's Review:

I haven't read the other stories in this series, The Geek Girls, but I was quickly caught up in the action. I guessed that Ella knew the woman with the mirror from the previous stories and that turned out to be true.

I'm going to give my "quibbles" first. When Patrick grabs Ella and flings her on the back of his horse, AFTER knocking her out, it's weird. The actions, including him pawing through his saddle bag to get a bit of thin leather to tie her hands in front of him, while they are galloping away from the constables...well, that just wouldn't work. I have horses. I ride. It wouldn't work. Then when she flings herself off the horse, taking him with her, while her hands are still tied in front of him...well, I'm pretty sure they would have broken a lot of bones when they landed, even if it was in a ditch! Then later, when a drop of rain falls on Bacon's neck (he's a horse), he snorts in response. Nope, he wouldn't have noticed one single drop of rain. A deluge, yes...but a couple drops? No. So...the horse stuff just didn't work for me, at all. 

Also, while Ella was from contemporary times, her speech patterns were fine when she was back in history. But Patrick thought and spoke in contemporary ways long before he got to know her. I'm pretty sure it would be difficult to keep both characters in the right mental frame, but it was quite jarring when Patrick spoke/thought with a contemporary twist.

I did enjoy their banter and their getting to know each other. He was pretty accepting of the fact that she was from the future. He did enjoy her clothes, that's for sure. I kept thinking his friend, the one he thought Ella was when he "kidnapped" her, was a bit naive and deserving of a bit more "comeuppance" for all the drama. 

 The "fish out of water" trope was enjoyable. At least Ella had been back in time before, so it wasn't QUITE the shock it might have been. I was impressed with Patrick.This contemporary woman threw him for a loop, but he tried his best to keep up. This was a sassy little read. 

Thank you, NetGalley and Sourcebooks Casablanca, for the opportunity to read this book.

Becoming a magician proved to be less interesting than Gina Lamm had anticipated when she was six, so in her adult life, she's turned to writing.

This belly-dancing, wisecracking, marshmallow-addicted mother of three energetic fur-children loves nothing more than penning funny, emotional tales of love, lust, and entertaining mishaps.

A multi-published author, Gina also writes erotic romance under the pen name Regina Cole. THE GEEK GIRL AND THE SCANDALOUS EARL, GEEK GIRLS DON'T DATE DUKES, INDELIBLY INTIMATE, CAUGHT IN CRIMSON, and DEAR ADDI are only a few of her stories.

Married to a real live superhero, she and her family live in North Carolina, surrounded by tobacco farms, possums, and the occasional hurricane.

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