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Never Resist a Rake by Mia Marlowe

Happy Release Week!

Never Resist a Rake
by Mia Marlowe

Rising author Mia Marlowe continues her brand-new Regency series with adventure, controversy, and most importantly, sizzling seduction...

John Fitzhugh Barrett is surprised to discover that instead of being a bastard, he’s the legitimate heir to the Somerset marquessate. Once word gets out that he must continue the Somerset line, eligible bachelorettes from across the country descend upon Somerfield Park, hoping to snatch John up before it’s too late. But John has no interest in a woman who’s only after his title.

Rebecca Kearsey, the daughter of a threadbare viscount, is the only one who understands. However, as her desire for John begins to build, she becomes painfully aware that she isn’t considered grand enough by Polite Society to be a future marchioness. Intrigued by the idea of challenging society’s rigid values, John’s interest in Rebecca grows. But can she show him that love is more than just childish rebellion?

Kathie's Review:

Never Resist a Rake is book two in the Somerfield Park Series. These can be read alone, which I love. We start off with John at a fighting mill. To sweeten the pot, in addition to a purse, the people who stage the fights grab a girl of quality off the street (kidnapping) and offer her to the winner. John recognizes the girl as someone he briefly met at a museum. He fights...and wins her. Thankfully, he's a gentleman, although he hasn't been one all that long, and he takes her home to her family.

In return, Rebecca tells his family where he is. He's only recently come into the fold and they've been looking for him. There's quite a bit of back story as to why he's now the heir to the Somerset marquessate. There are also a lot of hard feelings. John has been treated badly, and now they want him to be everything refined. That's rather hard for him, especially because of way they treated him as a youngster.

This is a case of not everything being black and white. Lots of shades of gray here, and finding our way through made for an enjoyable read. 

His grandmother made some bad choices, back in the day. But she really does want to make up for them. Every time her bits of dialog came up, I'd hear Maggie Smith speaking as Violet from Downton Abbey. Made me smile. The banter between Sophie (the star of the first book) and Gran was fabulous. Yep, I thought of Maggie every time.

There are some bad guys in this book. I wanted really bad things to happen to them. One was taken care of...the other still needed to have his comeuppance. It bothered me that Rebecca's father didn't get what was coming to him. You'll understand when you read the book. I think he needed to be pushed out a window. Where was Lady Chloe when we needed her? Just kidding, sort of. Lady Chloe was a very interesting addition to the supporting cast. I was worried about her for a while.

As I mentioned Downton Abbey, this read very much like that TV series. We got several POV, including that of some of the below stairs folk. Porter and Theresa were wonderful in their parts.

Another thing, Ms. Marlowe didn't feel the need to rehash anything. She told us once, maybe mentioned things again, but she didn't repeat back story or anything else over and over and over again! Bless you and Thank You! I get rather tired of authors repeating themselves in the narrative. Readers are smarter than you think. We get it when you tell us something. There is no need to #NaNoWriMo us just to make your book fatter. Ms. Marlowe was great!

Yes, very enjoyable. I'll need to find more by this author. AND I'll need to get my copy (that I won) of Plaid Tidings out and give it a read. I highly recommend this one.

Thank you, Sourcebooks Casablanca and NetGalley, for the opportunity to read this book.

Mia's work has been featured in PEOPLE magazine's Best of 2010 edition. One of her books is on display at the Museum of London Docklands next to Johnny Depp memorabilia. Her books have been tapped for numerous awards including RomCon's Reader's Crown, RT Reviewers Choice and Publishers' Weekly named her Touch of a Rogue one of their 10 Best Romances!

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