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A Change of Plans by Robyn Thomas

Happy Release Day!!!

 A Change of Plans

by Robyn Thomas

Sara Greaves has been planning her perfect wedding since she was five. Twenty years. Wasted. When she's dumped by her fiancé, she heads to Vegas to forget. Mr. Tall, Dark, And Anti-Marriage buys Sara a drink, and makes her a bet...she could marry any guy in Vegas tonight and make it work.

She wasn't supposed to choose him.

Ethan Munroe is a ruthless divorce lawyer who would have been voted "Least Likely To Marry (Ever)" in school. And yet, here he is with a hangover, a wedding band, and a sexy, gorgeous bride for the next month. A bride who doesn't want to stay married to him. He never planned this, but he can’t bring himself to go for the speedy divorce. Has Mr. Anti-Marriage finally met his match?

Kathie's Review:

This is a trope that I love: Married by accident. I really wish I had liked this rendition more. I kept thinking that I'd missed a few lines, like my Kindle was skipping pages or something. It read like an editor went through and said: Sorry! Too many words! Let's just delete about a third of the book. 

Sara has been jilted two weeks before her wedding, the wedding she's been planning since she was five. She's driven to Vegas for a bit of spontaneity. She's going to pawn her $70,000 (wowza) ring and live a little. Ethan is in Vegas mainly because what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas...and he wants to play a little before his parents divorce...with him as his mom's attorney. And basically that's all we know or find out about that divorce.

Ethan sees Sara as she pauses before stepping into the pawn shop. Her long hair is what caught his attention (btw, it's also what drew her ex-fiance to her). They spend some time together and we get hints that he's led a lonely life since his birth; his mom wins the title of "Worst Mother Ever". At least I think she does. We keep getting hints of what his life was like and I wonder if the whole story was left on the cutting room floor!

From the blurb we know they wake up married and try to give their marriage 30 days. Sort of. Mainly Ethan wants to keep her hidden away from the real world (again, sort of) because he knows her ex married someone else on their wedding day...using HER wedding plans...and all of her friends...and the honeymoon...and everything...and she's not going to get her wedding insurance money because the event went forward. I kept wondering where her family was...and really, no one called to tell her about this? She had no friends? Odd.

Okay, I was confused about why he was keeping her under wraps for that 30 days. More of the story on the floor somewhere? 

She meets new clients (she makes and sells lingerie), and friends, on the beach at his house. She bumps into the ex...and his new wife in LA. Really? LA is HUGE...like...HUGE...and they literally bump into each other. 

Yes, I really wanted to like this more than I did. It just read like half a book. It is a novella, but I think it could have had a bit more explanation and depth in the allotted amount of words. 

If you are looking for something to read for 1.5 hours...something like popcorn for the brain...this is the one for you. I'm giving this a 2.5 bookmark rating...and will round to 3 for all sites. I will give this author another shot and hope I get the whole story next time!
*Thank you, Entangled and NetGalley, for the opportunity to read this book.

Robyn Thomas: Romance and fairytales are the best ingredients to work with because they go with absolutely everything. Inspiration for new recipes is everywhere I look.

I remember making the decision to write my first book, but since then writing has become more of a compulsion than a choice. It’s less about having complete silence, a gorgeous work space, a free hour or two, and a steaming hot coffee, and more about getting my fingers to the keyboard any chance I get. The coffee helps, though.

I live in Melbourne with my wonderful husband and two sons. Writing romance helps to balance the effects of living in an all-male household. I love to cook, hate to clean up, and keep very odd hours.

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