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Crazy Over You by Wendy Sparrow

Happy Release Week!

Crazy Over You
by Wendy Sparrow

Released 7/28/15

She's on the sheriff's most wanted list.

Waking up with a naked woman holding a knife at his throat is just about the last thing Sheriff Travis Flynn expected. And the brother she's looking for? A murderer. And dead. Probably. But the real shock comes when she insists she's not a Lycan.

LeAnn Wilcox isn't looking for love...especially not from some wolf in sheriff's clothing. She operates on the other side of the law. Once she finds her brother-alive-she'll get out of the pack's territory and go back to her regular, normal, non-furry life of changing jobs and her name whenever her past closes in.

The cool, logical Sheriff has finally met his match, but LeAnn's life is at stake if she won't claim her place in the pack, especially once his control over the pack is challenged and her brother's fate is questioned.

Kathie's Review:

This is the third book in the Taming the Pack Series. It's also my first read by this author. Crazy Over You starts out with a very naked LeAnn hovering over Sheriff Travis Flynn while holding a knife to his throat. The humor is right out front when he can't decide if this is a dream or a nightmare. When he realizes she is nuts...but also his scent-mate...he still can't decide!

This book picks up immediately after the last one ended, and while I hadn't read those, I was quickly caught up in the fact there had been a pretty big battle, lycans died, and LeAnn's brother was thought to be the instigator of said battle and that is supposed to be dead. LeAnn knows her brother is a wolf as is the sheriff. She also knows she just isn't, although she does have some of the perks of being furry. Eyesight, hearing, sense of smell...which makes her one heck of a tracker...and a thief. 

While the pack is pretty sure that last battle is over, there are some loose ends coming up and making life difficult for all involved. Those loose ends also make some wolves dead and all the paw prints point to LeAnn. 

Travis is sure she is not guilty...mostly. And he really doesn't want his mate to be guilty, either.

There are trials and tribulations, interspersed with laugh out loud humor in this one. I did enjoy those aspects very much. I took several points off for the repetitive narrative. "She isn't good enough for him." "He isn't good enough for her." This is the book that finally made me decide to start highlighting the repetitions so that I can say: The author said THIS line THIS many times...sigh. There were several "cludgy" paragraphs, too. I kept wishing for my red pen as I forced my way through some of the verbose lines.

Now, knowing repetition is my pet peeve, you may not notice those things. And you might just focus on the FUNNY stuff that kept happening. And I quite agree that this is FUNNY. You should read it just for the laughs. Truly.

*Thank you, Entangled and NetGalley, for the opportunity to read this book.

Wendy Sparrow lives in the Pacific Northwest with two quirky kids and a wonderful, amazing, handsome, sexy husband who dotes on her and who did not write this bio. She's an autism advocate and was featured in Chicken Soup for the Soul: Raising Kids on the Spectrum. Wendy loves telling stories and has since she was a child--which is why she heard the "Boy Who Cried Wolf" so many times she could have written the screenplay at age five. She believes in the Oxford comma, the pursuit of cupcakes, and that every story deserves a happily ever after.

If she's not writing or wrangling kids, she's on Twitter-- @WendySparrow and she'll chat with anyone. Really.

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