Saturday, November 19, 2016

Listen to Your Heart by Sydney Logan

Love 80s music? Listen to Your Heart by Sydney LogLove 80s music? 
Listen to Your Heart by Sydney Logan
is LIVE! #99cents
​"I don't want to be a choice you have to make. I want to be your heart's only option."

Wedding planner Skye Douglas makes a career out of bringing fairytales to life—even if she’s given up on her own happily ever after. Instead of dating, she devotes time to her nephew, a guitar prodigy who shares her love for 80s hair bands. When she encounters Caleb Lynch, the new guitar teacher, everything changes. Caleb's passion for music—not to mention his Def Leppard T-shirt—makes Skye wonder if she might get her storybook ending after all.

Caleb would do anything for those he loves—including a fake engagement as a gift to his best friend's dying mother. But after meeting Skye, he regrets the promise he made.

When Skye realizes she’s fallen for the groom, will she listen to her head . . . or her heart?

Kathie's Review:
There are so many reasons to enjoy this book. The music references made me start to hum and sing. Caleb is so sweet! And cute! And just charming. Skye is scared of letting her heart go into his hands. 

Caleb does protect those he loves and he wants to do the right thing. But, suddenly, the right thing is hard...and Skye is putting her own claims on him. For those that abhor worries here. Well, I worried, but I trusted that Ms. Logan would lead us well, and she certainly did. I sincerely loved this story. It has all those "feels" we look for in a romance, that's for sure. 

If you are looking for some musical memories to hum along with, and some sweet romance, this is the book for you! 
Thank you, Sydney Logan, for the opportunity to read (and edit) this book!

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